The Hangman Game

Independent Project

In this project I created my own version of The Hangman Game, complete with a GUI and Help Information. Users could set the word topic and word length (Latter Based on Difficulty). The final game was complete with persistent settings, enforced using JSON files, in-game graphics I created using Adobe Photoshop and Music/Sound Effects.

NOTICE: The original Source Code/Files are no longer accessiable. The final project can be viewed via a downloadable executable (.exe)

Developed Using: C#, Unity

Download Executable

The Coventry Charity Store

Independent Project

This website was created independently as part of an assignment whilst at Coventry College in which the brief specified designing and creating a website for a hypothetical charity store in the local area in order to bring awareness to their cause, alongside facilitating donations, containing a contact form, displaying business location, whilst taking into account accessibility and compatibility across a range of devices/viewports.

Developed Using: HTML, CSS, Bootstrap 3, Google Maps API
Hosted Using: Google Firebase, Namecheap (Domain Registration Expired)

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Personal Portfolio

Independent Project

The purpose of this website, the one you are currently viewing, is to introduce myself and showcase my skills and knowledge, primarily in software development using various programming languages and technologies, whilst serving as a practical example. It also details some of my other skills and knowledge, alongside highlighting my previous and current educational and employment history, supplemented with links to my resume to other relevant profiles

Developed Using: HTML, CSS, SCSS, Bootstrap 5
Hosted Using: Google Firebase w/ GitHub Actions, Namecheap

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YASM Assembly True or False Game

Independent Project

The purpose of this assignment was to demonstrate our understanding of Assembly instructions using the YASM Assembly Language to develop a True or False game focused on a single topic, incorporating features, such as: Player Lives Systems, Player Score System, Score Streak System. Alongside the ability to terminate the program at any phase throughout its execution via command input. Additionally, we were tasked with overcoming the limitation of only being able to print integers 0-9 using ASCII encoding

NOTICE: This is a current university assignment, to maintain academic integrity, the source code cannot be published until the assignment and associated module has concluded. Contact me privately for more Information, source code will be made available within associated GitHub repo once assignment and associated module has concluded

Developed Using: YASM Assembly

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Big Data Programming Project

Independent Project

NOTICE: This is an upcoming university project, currently in the research and planning phase. This section will be updated as soon as development on the project has begun. Additionally, development progress can be viewed in the associated GitHub repo

Developed Using: N/A
Hosted Using: N/A

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Intelligent Agent

Independent Lab Task

As part of a weekly Lab Task for our Introduction to Artificial Intelligence module, we were required to develop a simple chatbot, in any language of our choice. The requirements of this chatbot were that it: Search for Keywords, Personalised User Information, Remember and Incorporate Previous Information from the User and Vary Responses such as “Hello” and “Hi” or “Well Done” and “Excellent”

Developed Using: Python, NLTK (Natural Language Toolkit)

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Tarkov Discord Chatbot

Group Project

During Year 1, Semester 1 at University, we were tasked with working together with a group of four, to develop a Chatbot. In this group project, we designed and developed a chatbot that was interfaced with via Discord. It interpreted users' messages and responded, pulling live Stats and Info on in-game Weapons, Ammo and Gear within a game called Escape From Tarkov

In this project, I was responsible for handling the API that requested live Stats and Info on the in-game Weapons, Ammo and Gear and processing that data, so that it could be output via simple function calls

Whilst working on this project I also took the role of project lead, utilising the Agile Principles of incremental development, whilst facilitating weekly Scrum meetings and using Azure DevOps to catalogue Backlog Items and Tasks, delegate them and track their development progress to ensure the project was on track to meet the deadline, whilst maintaining team motivation and direction

Developed Using: Python, Tarkov Market API, Discord API
Hosted Using: Discord
Personal File Contributions: & offlineMarketData.json

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The Oregon Trail

Group Project

For Year 1, Semester 2 at University we were given a second group project in the same group of four as previous. We followed the same design and development steps as the previous group project, however, this time we were required to develop a Text-Based game, we decided on an adaption of the game called The Oregon Trail, in which players would purchase items before a quest, then set out on the quest, encountering a series of challenges which they must overcome with the items they purchased at the start of the game. Those who completed the quest would have their score stored on the in-game leaderboard.

For this project, I was responsible for creating a persistent leaderboard, enabling users to enter their details. This leaderboard could then be rendered and display users' scores and details, sorted via any field, utilising SQL Queries.

Developed Using: C++, SQL
Personal File Contributions: TheOregonTrail_LeaderboardHandler.cpp & TheOregonTrail_LeaderboardHandler.h

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Personal System Build

Personal Project

At a young age, I would disassemble and reassemble various PCs which we had throughout the house when I was growing up, as I was curious to see how they work. Once I got my first job I configured and built my first gaming PC from scratch. Since then, I have built multiple systems

The gaming PC I currently have, I also configured and built from scratch. I use it primarily for my University studies and to work on my programming skills. However, I also enjoy playing Flight Simulation and Space Exploration games during my free time

System Specifications: AMD Ryzen 7 2700X (Processor), Corsair H100i RGB (AIO Cooler), MSI B450 Mortar mATX Corsair (Motherboard), Corsair Vengeance RGB Pro 16GB (Memory), MSI Gaming Z RTX 2070 8GB (Graphics Card), 2x WD Blue 1TB HDD's, 1x Kingston A400 120GB SSD, 1x Corsair MP510 480GB NVMe (Storage), Corsair Crystal 280X mATX (Case)

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